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What we provide :


We're your Creative Agency, since 2013

Who We Are

A development team that understands business. We have created an authoring product and now we are ready to help start-ups in the development of MVP.

Our Vision

Zettheme work to make your project the most functional and reliable. We offer a variety of solutions that will be ideal for you and your business.

How we are working

Precise planning of each stage of the project allows us to get an accurate final result. The key to success for your startup.

What we do

We create software for Startups integrate various technical solutions

  • High bandwidth API.
  • Server architectures of any complexity.
  • High-speed databases, with processing speed in nanoseconds.
  • The architecture of distributed duplicate databases to avoid data loss in any, even only theoretical, situation.

Our startup is getting ready for a fundraising and requires a working MVP. Or maybe, you raised your funds already and need a working product to test your market.

Core Team

Good design is simple, clear and uncluttered.


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